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JJ Lawyer‘s is a small but a powerfull icelandic legal firm. But as we see it the firm´s size is also the firm´s strenght, because in that manner the firm is more able to give the customer more personal service than if the firm where to big. In this way the distance between the customer and the working lawyer is minimised. We think that the customer is able to get a great legal service in a wide range at this firm.
This firm will put all there‘s efforts to give the customer as outstanding service as a legal firm will be able to give. We will put all our efforts into that matter.

We are specialised in many legal fields, and by that way we are able to give excellent service in that manner, in line with, and as the Icelandic community expect‘s are each time.

The main coal of this firm is to give the customer a excellent service, with a powerfull and hopefully growing firm in Iceland.

With our staffs speciality, and decates of experience, we will be able to guarantee the quality of our work for the customer. So the customer will get the best result in each case.

Our motto will always be this; „Our customer interest´s will always come first“.

Contact information:
JJ Lawyers - Law firm
Skeifan 11
108 Reykjavík

Telephone number: +354 445 3500
Mobile: +354 774 4500

Contact Partner:
Contact Partner:
Mobile: +354 774 4500

Our premier service:

Social security Law
• Social Security Law

General pracitce
• General Practice

Childrens rights
• paternity suit
• Custody
• Custody disputes/Mediation
• access case
• child welfare laws, child welfare case
• building and planning codes

Legal xx
• legal capacity, declared legally disable

Financial managment/investmenst
• Financial management/investments

Inheritance and gift law
• settlement of estate (at death)
• Legal wills

Real estate law
• condominium ownership declarations
• Defects/non compliance
• Tenancy law
• Sale / purchase

Telecommunicatin law
• Telecommunication law

Leasing/Financial law
• Leasing/finance law

Maritime and transport law
• Maritime and transport law

Bankruptcy and insolvency law
• Insolvency/auctions
• Suspenstion of payments
• Composition

• Seperation/divorce
• Prenuptal agreements
• Engagement/break-off
• Engagement contracts

Corporate law
• Sale/purchase
• Merges and acquistion
• Establishment

Intellectual property/copyright
• Licence and patent law
• Intellecutal property/copyright
• Contract

Debt collection
• Debt collection

Agricultrual law
• Agricultural law

Law pertaing financial institutions
• Bank and finance law
• Loan/mortgages
• Banks E-commerce
• Stock market law

Consumers right
• Consumers right

Competitiion law
• Competition law

Contracts and sales law
• Contracts and sales law

European Economic Area (EES)
• European Economic Area

Mediation (ADR)
• mediation

Law on torts/personal injury
• Law on torts/Personal injury

Tax law
• Tax law

Ships chandler
• Foreign mortgage
• Ships chandler
• Out flagging

Constitutional law
• Constitutional law

Administrative law
• Administrative law

Environmental law
• Environmental law

IT Law
• Protection of individual rights
• E-commerce
• E-signatures

Immigration law
• Asylum/refugee law
• Immigrants

• Security/mortgage/pledge

Construction law
• Construction law

Labour law
• Labour law


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